The Times They Are A Changing

This is another post along the lines of my ‘Flea Market Walk About’ for the Random Camera Facebook group. My interests in camera collecting are changing with the times and the article by James Szylobryt hits the nail on the head. We must be on the same wavelength.

===== A Flea Market Walk About Mini Post ===========
Here’s a good one in line with my weekender posts. It’s not only a good review of the Kiev 4am but also offers some insight into finding a ‘keeper’ instead of buying of cameras and selling them after the new wears off. I’m finding myself becoming less interested in finding old cameras to test and more interested in taking the time to become familiar with the ones Cheryl and I already have and finding the ones that give me pleasure in the using.
I think my ‘flea market walkabout’ is going to become more of a personal experience review of all the cameras in our collection and whatever new ones come our way. We just don’t get out that often anymore to scrounge for cameras and the supply of thrift store finds is starting to dry up. I think they’ve been ‘over fished’. I belong to “Vintage Camera Collectors” and have seen in the forums that overall it’s getting harder to find decent cameras without putting some extra effort into it and changing your methodologies. Good finds can still be ‘the luck of the draw’. VCC is a good group for rubbing elbows with folks who love vintage cameras and there are already a goodly number of Random members that I know who are members of both groups.

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