Slowing Down and Changing Gears

Almost forgot I had this blog. That proves how distracted I’ve been this year.

I’ve been trying to slow my camera accumulating down to a crawl and get busy enjoying the ones I’ve got left. What I’ve managed to do is part with quite a few that didn’t interest me anymore but used the proceeds to buy several that do interest me. My friend Bruce Seymour who is a member of FB Vintage Camera Collectors and a fellow collector sold me back the Koni Omega Rapid M and Zorki 4k I traded him last year. In addition he sold me a Mamiya C220 with a stuck shutter for a very very good price. It took about half an hour of cleaning and fooling around with it to get it up and going. I’ve always kind of wanted one of the Mamiya TLR’s but never could justify paying the price they’re bringing. I just finished the first roll and am dropping it off at the lab on the way home.

Camera collecting is a lot like dieting. You work hard to shed a few and they always come back. I couldn’t get rid of cameras altogether even if I wanted to. They seem to gravitate into my life and then decide to stay.

Here are my recent acquisitions:


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